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The thyroid gland

Diseases and disorders of the thyroid gland often occur. Sonographic procedures are essential to screen the gland and diagnose potential diseases.

It is possible to display the organ in almost every case. The exam is without any side effects and takes only about 5 to 15 minutes. There is no further preparation needed. The use of modern technology (high-resolution B-mode scan, color duplex, power duplex) makes the exam indispensable to get a first impression of pathological changes of the thyroid gland.

It helps to observe several issues such as the position, form and especially the volume of the gland, its “texture” and the blood circulation in the tissue. Focal changes (e.g. cysts or nodes) are found very often. In these cases sonographic exams help the practitioner to distinguish between benign and suspicious looking nodes (that will need further observation and might be malignant).

The exam results will be stored digitally and can facilitate exact comparisons in follow-up checks. In this way, for instance, the increase in size of the node can be measured.