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Long-term screenings

Some diseases need to be monitored over a longer period of time, usually 24 hours, to be able to determine their degree or to observe their progression under treatment.

A 24-hour blood pressure screening, for instance, allows a better adjustment of medication and measures the moments that are crucial for adjustment (e.g. the morning hours before waking up) during which you as a patient are not able to take the blood pressure.

The same applies to a 24-hour ECG that can, for example, be used to detect sporadically occurring arrhythmia.

Cardiorespiratory polygraphy, the ambulatory sleep screening, is of special importance as we use it to find sleep-related breathing disorders, such as snoring that leads to a drop in the oxygen content of the blood or complete breaks in breathing while sleeping. Such disorders can cause other diseases.

The screening is offered in cooperation with the sleep laboratory at PKD am Städel.