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Laboratory tests

The function of most of our organs and the functional interaction between them can be determined by blood tests. When taking a blood sample from you the blood is kept in different small containers that preserve the blood in different types of media. Most samples are then centrifugalized and analyzed automatically. We make most of the laboratory tests at our own practice or at our joint laboratories. In the case of some very specific tests the samples are sent to a special laboratory where they are analyzed for us.

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Due to the large number of possible tests, practitioners need to precisely select the ones to be carried out, also because of the cost involved. There are some well-established standards in the context of a preventive check up, especially with views to laboratory tests.

Our facilities therefore take into account the recommendations issued by the policlinics of Frankfurt University Hospital, being a cooperative partner of PKD am Städel.

Hier einige Erläuterungen zu den wesentlichen Laborwerten