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The Heart - Echocardiography

Echocardiography is the sonographic screening of the heart. There are some specific technical requirements for this exam as it is supposed to show as detailed as possible the tissue structure of the heart (spatial resolution). In addition, it is used to display the partly very fast movements of the heart, especially of the cardiac valves with their sequence (temporal resolution). The direction as well as the velocity of the blood flow in the heart chambers and through the valves is also screened (color duplex).

During the exam the patient is lying on the left side. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to screen. There is no side effect and no need for any preparation.

There are various reasons for an echocardiography: patients with a high blood pressure are screened to detect possible thickenings of the cardiac walls (left ventricle hypertrophy); if there are heart murmurs audible with a stethoscope the exam can be used to find valve disorders; in the case of an unclear loss of energy and shortness of breath it can be used to rule out the possibility of a loss of the contraction capacity of the cardiac muscles; patients that have suffered from an infarction are examined to screen the muscle "scar" and the possibility of a clot; in the case of lung diseases the blood pressure in the lungs can be measured (pulmonary hypertension); etc.