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The carotid artery

A sonographic screening of the carotid artery covers two aspects. It both shows a longitudinal and cross section view of the different parts of the vessel wall and displays and measures the characteristics of the blood flow in the artery. With this, even the slightest indication of arteriosclerosis of the artery wall can be detected. Furthermore, in the case of heavy calcifications, the same exam can be used to determine the degree of the sclerosis. The Doppler effect is used to identify turbulences and changes in the velocity of the blood flow. The exam is therefore also called carotid doppler ultrasound scan.

There is no need for the patient to especially prepare before the scan, which will only take about 10 to 20 minutes. Like any other sonographic scan, the exam is absolutely free of side effects.

In single cases it can be very difficult and technically complex to show all parts of the vessel – this is, however, only true for about 3% of all exams in accordance with the experiences made at our facilities.

The scan is ideal to examine patients carrying specific risk factors (e.g. smokers, patients with an increased cholesterol level, high blood pressure, diabetes, a family history of relevant diseases, etc.) to identify changes in their arteries. It is obligatory to screen and diagnose neurological symptoms and therefore is essential in internal/neurological diagnostics.

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