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Ambulatory sleep screening (CRP)

Cardiorespiratory polygraphy, the ambulatory sleep screening,
is of special importance.

It helps find sleep-related breathing disorders, such as snoring that leads to a drop in the oxygen content of the blood or complete breaks in breathing while sleeping. Such disorders can cause other diseases.

We are, of course, unable to say anything about our sleep. We can, however, notice symptoms of a bad (e.g. fragmented) sleep, such as daytime fatigue, a loss in concentration abilities, suddenly falling asleep during monotone activities, depressiveness, etc. If that is the case, this screening is the only means of diagnostics.

A second-stage and more comprehensive screening at the sleep laboratory will become necessary to get more precise results if this reveals pathological findings. The examination is carried out in cooperation with the sleep laboratory at PKD am Städel.